Thursday, March 15, 2012

If You Hand Your Kid Some Cash

If you love going to yard sales, chances are one of your beloved offspring will turn into a second hand junkie just like you.

If you give this boy a little cash and drop him off at a rummage sale, you may be unpleasantly surprised at just how far five bucks can stretch.

If this boy happens to love his little sister, you may find her cuddling a new Winnie the Pooh and chortling in her sweetest two-year-old voice, "willy nilly silly old bear."

As she's singing to Pooh, you may notice your rough and tumble four-year-old is now the proud owner of a pair of boxing gloves.

As you entertain a worried thought or two about the boxing gloves, you may notice a Spiderman glove, but only one of those.

If you look closely, you may realize that it's part of a Spiderman web shooter that has everything but the substance that produces the web.

If you were mathematically inclined, you might ponder the fact that the substance that produces the web probably costs a tidy sum more than $5.00 and most likely isn't even sold anymore.

Before you can get too worried about Spiderman and his inability to shoot a web, you may notice that a four foot long stuffed amphibian has entered your home.

This four foot long stuffed amphibian just may remind you of a five foot long shark that previously hung suspended from your sons' bedroom ceiling.

Thinking about the shark, you may recall with happy nostalgia that blessed, blessed day you donated the over-sized shark to another rummage sale.

As you think about that other rummage sale, chances are you'll vaguely remember handing the same boy some money.

And if you hand a yard sale junkie some cash, you just might be unpleasantly surprised at how far a few bucks can stretch.


Holly said...

Hhahaha!!!!!!!! Love it!

christinelaennec said...

Excellent! I don't know whether I miss yard sales here in Scotland, or am glad it's one less temptation! We do have charity shops (thrift stores) though.

Janet said...

HaHa, Kelly! I almost posted about this same thing, since all I heard on the way home from that yard sale was how proud he was to have kept to your instructions: "All my mom said was to NOT spend it ALL." You do have to admit that the frog is kinda cute:)

Kelly said...

The frog is kinda cute. And he didn't spend all the money (though he somehow managed to keep the change).

I think it's interesting that Christine from Scotland doesn't have yard sales where she now lives. We (I) buy stuff, fret over our cluttered houses, and then go more stuff. Is this a uniquely American condition?

Not saying I'm going to stop yard saling or anything.