Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You Know It's Been a Long Day If This Makes You Laugh

If pi is 3.14, what is cake?

(Lifted from "The Stupid Test 5", which my children, not surprisingly, are familiar with.)


Anonymous said...

Yeah - I laughed.

And yes, it's been a long day!



Christine Laennec said...

It's only the morning and I laughed! Thanks very much for your thoughtful review of the Hunger Games. They have been recommended as "good reading" for my daughter, but she has steered clear of them and I'm very glad! She tries not to read depressing books and I have to say it's a challenge sometimes to find them.

Kelly said...

LuAnne and Crhistine - I'm glad you got a laugh out of this. I didn't realize when I posted it that today is Pi day (3/14).

Christine - It is tough to find uplifting books. Some are serious but end on a positive note. I think this is true of The Eldest series. I have not read George MacDonald, but his books come highly recommended and I think are positive. I love everything I've read by C.S. Lewis. I re-read The Chronicles of Narnia when I need a laugh.

I would love to see a compilation of adolescent lit to feed some different options to my older boys.