Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Parts of Speech

John's adorable lisp is disappearing quickly, but his funny quips and overall versatility with language continue to entertain us all.

1. John's playing with his Lego mini-figures, and apparently one of the Star Wars' storm troopers is really acting out. John issues the ultimate threat: Tonight you're sleeping in your bed all night long.

2. John has a secret. "Let me whisper in your ear, Mama," John tells me. I don't lean quite far enough. "Downer!" he says.

3. "Can I have a cracker," John asks. "I can get it." Though he does his best Curious George imitation climbing up the pantry shelves, the box remains out of reach. "It's too back," he tells me.

4. John's looking for a stick to turn into a wand. When I hand him a ruler, he says, "No, Mama. That's not a wand; that's an incher."

5. John draws a heart and "writes" a note to Auntie Kate. He sees me folding it up and putting it in an envelope. "Oh," he says, "are you going to letter that?"


christinelaennec said...

Those are wonderful! It's amazing to think of how agile children's minds are. I loved your post on mothering, by the way. It was Mother's Day on Sunday here - "Mothering Sunday" as it is also known. The quote by Chesterton is great.

Kelly said...

Well Happy Mothering Sunday! Hope everyone fussed over you!

Beth said...

Clicked through from your Hunger Games article on F&F live. I agree with you completely but have not had the quality of discussions you've had. When i think about it, I've had more literary choice and structure type discussions with my daughter whose 14. My 13 yo son who listened to it on the way from Pgh to Fla with his friend discussed it in terms of how much he liked it compared to other books he's loved. (Most recently, "Elephant Run" by Roland Smith). I admire your thoughtful commentary.

Now, the real reason I'm writing....my 3rd child (whose now 11) developed her own vocabulary and I have to say like your John, it fit. Her words (like his) should be in the dictionary. I loved and miss that about her. I also wrote a post about it on my blog (I'm thinking it was a birthday post).

I love clicking through to your blog. You're an excellent writer but I try to limit myself to one or 2 daily blog reads.

Blessings to you all.


Kelly said...

Beth - Thanks for visiting and commenting. Early speech is so neat. It changes so fast, so we should enjoy it while it lasts.