Friday, March 02, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. Sweet, but I'm already taken --

Ainsley : When I grow up, I'm going to marriage you, Mama!
2. And now for the rest of the story --

John: I stayed in my bed all the night.

Me: No, John. You started in your bed, came into mine, wet the bed, and went back to yours.

John: Oh.

3. On the mend, sort of -- The man with the pick ax has been evicted from my sinuses, but he left behind an unwelcome gift: hives. Back to the doctor I go.

4. I watch my daughter dancing around wearing angel wings --
Ainsey: I have wings, but I still can't fly yet!

5. On the weather -- It would appear that Spring has sprung. I am trying hard not to contemplate what a winter this warm could mean for, say, August. This time of year, John and I have a tradition of walking around the neighborhood looking for birds' nests that are so visible before the foliage hides them. Good times.

6. Kolbe is Duke Orsino in Twelth Night. If he can get past the fact that he has to marry one of his classmates, I think he'll be great. He finds this all a tad overwhelming right now. The upside is that they hug -- not kiss -- during the wedding.

7.  I'm asking for prayers for a special intention involving our family. We are under the gun on a number of fronts best left unspecified. I'll pray for you -- you pray for me!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

Takes 1 - 6 are great, and I'm totally with you on 7!

Amy Parris said...

I'll be praying! No worries about Kolbe. I think you have a real actor on your hands. He's great!

Kelly said...

Christine - I'm with you and yours on #7.

Amy - Glad to hear it from the director's mouth (or keyboard). I was going to call and ask you! He's nervous.