Monday, May 21, 2012



Feeling like old Elmo here this morning after refereeing a knock-down, drag-out fight between my two oldest.

Pretty sure I should call my mother and beg her forgiveness for the ten years or so my younger sister  and I invested in non-stop fighting.

Glad my boys don't succumb to hair-pulling and stealing each other's clothes.

Remembering that the whole fight started over a shirt.

Glad they don't pull hair, anyway.

Pretty sure punching and shoving aren't any better.

Reflecting on the fact that they don't have much hair to pull, so it's probably not much of a temptation.

Wondering if these two will ever voluntarily spend fifteen minutes in each other's presence when they're grown and gone.

Hanging on to the fact that today I count my sister Karen among my best friends and treasured confidantes.

Laughing about the fact that one of the warring factions said, "Mom, you have some really obnoxious kids . . .   Wait, I mean . . ."

Acknowledging the fact that even he had to laugh over that comment.

Fighting the urge to despair. Summoning the strength to pray.

Come, Lord Jesus. We need your grace.


Kris said...

A couple of thoughts....! My sister and I are a year apart, and we HATED each other until we got to high school. Best friends ever since. My husband and his brother bickered so much one year that my FIL rented boxing gloves (I laughed at your picture) and took them in the basement. He had my husband and his brother stand on an old king size mattress and go at each other. They boxing gloves were so heavy they stopped after about 5 minutes, at which point my FIL made them keep going and wouldn't let them stop for about 30 minutes. They were so tired they couldn't get up off the mattress. My husband swears he can't remember every really fighting after that. This story is noe family lore, and much loved by my sons who beg their father to repeat it ad nauseum. All that being said, my youngest two got the law laid down last week along the lines of: Mommy is not going to spend the summer refereeing you two. From this moment on, if there is any HINT of bickering, both of you will spend an hour on your beds doing nothing, including not speaking to each other. So there. :)

Anonymous said...

It will all come right in the end - hang in there Kelly!