Friday, May 18, 2012

Seven Quick Tales

1. On the potty training front -- and, I'm happy to say that this time 'round it's not much of a "front" -- we're seeing progress. Not overwhelming success, but progress nonetheless.

We woke up the other day, and I asked Ainsley if she wanted wear panties.

"Okay," she said initially, but quickly thought better of it. "Maybe next week."

Through out this procedure I, too, have adopted a "maybe next week" mentality. And, really, if you want to be potty trained (past tense) as opposed to potty training, (perpetual present tense), you need to steer clear of the "maybe next week" mentality. "Maybe next week" tends to seamlessly morph into "or perhaps the month after."

On the other hand, I'm not stressing, and I'm not getting upset with Ainsley.

Today it was systems are go. "I cool," she declared. "I potty training!" She danced around the house naked, all sorts of proud of herself.

2. I offered Tim a generous bribe to fix the printer. Wouldn't you know, he quickly pin-pointed an obvious problem. If we run short on one type of ink, we get a helpful error message. When all four cartridges run dry simultaneously, the printer can only scratch its head.

3. So one of the older set picked up one of our Little People figures and, for no reason I could discern, sent it flying across the room and smack! into a picture on the wall.

"Just my luck, I hit the picture," he said. "I was aiming for the lamp."

I've read that whole spheres of the teenage brain don't, in fact, connect. This is one more data point supporting that theory.

4. Everyone had dental check ups this week. In fourteen years, we've never had a cavity. This says far more about good genes and top notch dentistry than it does about pristine oral hygiene. Whatever the reason, I'm grateful, grateful, grateful.

5. On the optical front, things are not so rosy. John gets his mini-glasses this week. He's four years old! And on top of that  --  (warning: insufferable Mommy comment coming your way!) -- he's so blasted cute! And his eyes are the cutest thing about him!

(Well, there's also the fact that he climbed into bed last night and said, "Mama, I love you! With all my heart!" and then kissed my hand and said, "Now, don't drop your kiss, but if you do, I'll give you another!")

I can't take the thought of covering those brown eyes with glasses. Sniff, sniff.

The doctor assures me that we will have no problem motivating John to wear his glasses because at the present moment everything is blurry. Another sniff, sniff.

This is somewhat reassuring because the idea of handing a four-year-old an appliance that cost us $150 doesn't thrill me. Tim was five when he got his glasses so we've been there, done that. Soon we'll be shelling out nearly that much for a graphing calculator that I hope won't take up residence in the Lost and Found.

God calls us out attachments to created things. I guess we're in for some practice in this regard.

6. School ends next week, believe it or not. This means two important items have moved to the top of my To Do List: 1. Do the happy dance because I won't be packing lunches for three months. 2. Join a pool.

7. The little people have been playing in my miscellaneous utensil drawer. Oh, the fun to be had! Mallets and sifters and ice cream scoopers.

"What's this," John asked, holding up a tea infuser.

"That's a tea infuser," I replied.

"Oh! A tea infuser!" John responded as if he infuses tea on a daily basis. "Do you catch bugs with it?"

Have a great weekend, and head over to Jen's to add your Seven Quick Takes.


Modest Mama said...

I can totally relate~ my oldest got glasses at 8 MONTHS old. But you know what, he is a totally new level of cute now. Kids with specks are super cute. He's now ten and still in glasses. His friends tell him he looks weird without them.

Kelly said...

Eight months - that is young! Our neighbor's son was maybe 18 mos or so when he got specs. I wondered how the mom got him to keep them on. She said he appreciated the ability to see. Poor guy was tired of tripping and running into things.

You're right - he'll still be super cute.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

christinelaennec said...

I laughed out loud at (3)! Yes indeedy...