Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Welcome Back

Dave's back from Las Vegas, and we are enjoying both him and our welcome home gifts.

          Ainsley's gift - cookies!

          John"s gift - a little red corvette. He even slept with it.

          Kolbe's gift - playing cards (officially used in a casino).

          Tim's gift - loaded dice (officially not used in a casino).

          Mom's gift - Merlot.

He knows our love languages.


Anonymous said...

Kelly, Nicholas just got back from Vegas, too. The boys also got casino cards, and Elizabeth got a blingy change purse. While our time with him away wasn't as bad as yours (no sickness) we were still thrilled when we picked him up from the airport! Catherine wouldn't let him out of her sight!
God Bless,

Kelly said...

So sweet! John hurt himself this afternoon and ran right past me yelling, "Daddy!"