Saturday, May 05, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. "I'm hungry," John informs me. When I offer him peanut butter or cheese, he tells me, "I want something dessertier."

Dessertier -- I like that.

2. Migraines, migraines, migraines . . . Is it the pollen? Are misbehaving hormones to blame? Could they have anything to do with the fact that I consumed six -- SIX! -- Nutty Bars and a glass of Merlot last night? Why am I telling you? I need to get myself in the confessional and expose my gluttonous ways to the grace of God. Oi.

3. Kolbe flew through the door the other day and announced, "I'm starting a new business -- duct tape wallets."

Yes, duct tape wallets in numerous designs and a price to match any budget. The Tardis model, for all you Dr. Who fans, will set you back $4.00.

The boy is flat raking in money off his road wallet stand.

4. I miss "Small Successes" that Faith and Family used to run. Remember when some of us co-dependent souls needy for affirmation would rush to report to the entire blogosphere that we had managed to fill a bird feeder or hem a pair of pants or fill in the blank with some other piddling task that had somehow turned monumental? Well, I'm still co-dependent, still needy for affirmation, so let me announce that I planted flowers this week and I mailed a cooler full of medicine to my Dad and Ainsley pooped in the potty for the very first time.

As they used to ask in Weight Watchers, "Anybody need a bravo?" I need a Bravo.

Thank you.

5. I had pretty much given up TV (for me, not for the little people). Then we subscribed to Amazon Prime. Suddenly there's something on the tube worth watching. I've loved police drama since Dragnet was part of our regular viewing while I was growing up. Trouble is, today's police dramas are 1) gruesome and 2) an unwelcome lesson in all manner of other odd behaviors. I caught part of a show last week that left me wondering if there's anything verboten on the airways these days.
Well, I just discovered Foyle's War -- a British detective show set in World War II. Great cast, period costumes (for those grieving the end of Downton Abbey), minimal gore, plot twists, but no twisted plots. Check it out.

6. On the book front, I just finished The Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Death, and Hard Times by Jennifer Worth. Worth was a nurse-midwife who cared for women in London's impoverished East End during the 1950s. A quick, easy, rather heart-warming read that will make you so very grateful for washers, hot water, and epidurals.

7. Meanwhile John is a contributor to What's Cooking: Mom's Best Recipes. Born into a family of heath food nuts, John's recipe was "Sausage and Bacon." The directions are as follows:

Get the sausage from the store. Take it home and cut it with a knife in big pieces. Put it in a pan to cook on 38 degrees (that's Fahrenheit for my European friends). Cook the bacon in another pan for 80 minutes. When it is done put it on a plate with pineapple (John's fav). Don't forget the milk to drink!

When you're finished, ask for something dessertier.

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Anonymous said...

A very big BRAVO to you, Kelly! And I love John's recipe - cook the sausage for 80 minutes, serve with pineapple.

I really enjoyed reading your "Kill the cow" post and didn't have time to think of anything intelligent to say in the comments. Thanks, though! I find it fascinating that a non-mother's observations about mothering are considered invalid. I mean, if she is making some good points, then why not?

I hope you can put your feet up today and take it a little bit easy. Maybe start John cooking a sausage?

Molly said...

Hello. How can I purchase a Tardis wallet? Serious question, I have a mad about Doctor Who daughter who has a birthday coming up...

Kris said...

We gave up completely on cable years ago, and now with digital TV, we have a big antenna in the attic and get most stations. We invested a small amount in a Roku device and now we stream all sorts of things, including Amazon Prime, right to the TV. I think we now have MORE options than people with cable!

Laura said...

BRAVO! Hope your week goes great Kelly! By the way, I love Kolbe's wallet idea...though the white duct tape is kinda smelly. :P God bless, ~Laura

Kelly said...

Christine and Laura - Thanks! I took a four hour nap yesterday.

Mooly - I will post a picture of the wallet so that you're sure you want one. Email me your address, and we'll ship it to you.

Kris - Love the streaming. I don't watch a ton of TV or movies, but it's nice to have something worth watching when you want some down time.

Thanks to everyone for visiting.